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Josiah Academy Courses
Within each course of study offered in Josiah Academy is the opportunity to develop language, enhancing motor skills and most importantly, helping to lay the groundwork for your child’s spiritual growth. We take advantage of every teachable moment at Josiah Academy.

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Our children will be able to compete in the marketplace GLOBALLY and be cross-culturally competent.
Science and Technology
Earth Science *Biology *Organic Chemistry * Cosmology & Astronomy * Coding * Health & Medicine * Robotics * Graphic Design * Reverse Engineering &  more
Beginner’s Math * Intermediate Math * 9-12th * Pre-Algebra * Basic Algebra * Basic Geometry * Geometry * Probability & Statistics * Pre-Calculus * Integral Calculus * Linear Algebra & more
Entrepreneurship * Microeconomic * Macroeconomics * Marketing * Investing * Finance and Capital Markets * Globalization and more
Arts & Humanities
World Religions * Global Culture *European Renaissance 
American History - (concentration African American history) * Reading * Music Theory * English Literature * Bible